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Generals Bucks – A Campus Essential

The prepaid spending accounts on your Generals Cash Card (including Generals Bucks, On Campus Advance and Off Campus Advance), offer you a safe and convenient way to make cashless purchases on and around campus.  You must fund the accounts before using them for purchases – either by making a deposit to your Generals Bucks account or by completing and submitting a Generals Card Authorization FormClick here to learn more about On Campus Advance and Off Campus Advance accounts.

Benefits of Accounts on the Generals Cash Card

   Convenient – Make purchases with the ID card you already carry.  No need to carry cash, exact change, or debit/credit cards. 

   Pre-paid – Only spend what you have.  No surprise bills, interest payments, or bank fees to add value or use the account.  Your account balance is immediately adjusted as you use your card.

   Fast & Easy to Use – Just present to the cashier for payment. 

   Easy to Add Value Add funds to Generals Bucks by cash, check, debit/credit card via mail, web, phone or in-person.  Add financial aid funds to On Campus Advance and Off Campus Advance accounts by completing the Generals Card Authorization Form.

   24/7 Account Access - Add value, view transaction history, establish a guest account, and more!  Once registered, you are in total control of your account 24/7 at the Generals Cash Card Account Management Center.

  Use Generals' Bucks & Save!- Receive discounts and coupons in your registered email address just for using Generals' Bucks!

Auto Reload Create a schedule to automatically add value to your Generals Bucks account – you determine the dollar amount and frequency – a great budgeting tool for students and parents!

   Safe & Secure – If you lose your Generals Cash Card, you can suspend your account and have the value transferred to a new card.

   Carries Over – Unlike most meal plans, Generals Bucks carries over each semester and year for as long as you are a member of the HCCC community.

Use of the Generals Bucks account is completely voluntary.


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